Wikiislam আমার একটা জবানবন্দী। জানি না কেন অল্পকটা লাইন লিখে নিজেকে স্বাধীন স্বাধীন লাগে।

“I always had critical thoughts on most of the rules and customs of my religion, but I always was very comfortable with my own stand on the faith in Islam. When I was in my teen age I never bothered to study Quran or Hadith in my own language, so at that age I hardly had anything to say logically to stand for my own believes. But I always believe in freedom of speech, freedom of action, unless it is non violent in any form. Eventually I realized my religion does not support any (almost none) freedom of speech and it is very aggressive towards any criticism. It does not give women the appropriate respect and liberty, and some of the Quran verses hold really violent ideology that debunks the main motto of Islam – peace. I started studying the books of my formal believe system and found them not compatible with my personal moral thoughts. Eventually I found myself to be a non religious person, but I would still consider myself to be a spiritual person. As the question regarding “who is my creator” was always at the back of my mind, I started reading about evolutionary science, and was very satisfied with the current theories of the origin of life, and evidence that follows the theory of evolution, and left my non-rational spiritual side and very recently I started accepting myself as an atheist. I am still studying and I have a long way to go to achieve as much as knowledge regarding the origin of life, origin of universe, alternative cultural system to religion. I still consider myself as part of the muslim community from a cultural point of view, as most of my beloved family and friends are devoted moderate muslims. I am happy with some “everyday customs” that I inherited from my Islamic back ground (like the personal hygiene, distribution of wealth among the needy, respecting and taking extensive care of elders etc). These are some social behavior that are very much implemented in muslim society with force or via applying social shame more or less, though I do not agree with any kind of pressure on someone to follow these customs, but I highly appreciate these behaviors in my society anyways. I do not find Islam or any religion to be the proper guide line for my life, and I do not find any religion(that I have studied so far) to answer the question, why there is a God at all necessary in our life. I do not believe in any – all powerful, all loving, angry “God.” I am an atheist, but I will try to keep my non theistic thoughts to myself because there are a lot of radical muslims in my motherland who will not hesitate to harm me or my family as soon as I denounce Islam publicly. But I will never stop speaking out against any illogical, inhumane practice of Islam. I wish for more tolerant muslims in the world, who have studied their religion and choose to maintain their faith on Islam, than those moderate muslims who just recite Quran in a non understanding way. I wish muslims all the best, but Islam is not my cup of tea.”

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